Messages Which Are Hopeful!

An experience that delivers inspirational messages of hope and love from young people to young people.

MWAH! Performing Arts Troupe

A catalyst for assisting schools and their surrounding communities in a collaborative effort to empower young people with the knowledge, courage, and strength to deal with life’s personal challenges, thereby changing and saving lives.

MWAH!: Committed to meeting the needs of young people

A key concept in this effort is a ‘three-point shot’

  • Awareness of a problem,
  • Seeking help for it,
  • And then getting whatever help is needed.

This collaborative process may include social media videos as well as issues-oriented school presentations highlighting the helping process in place at any given school.

Stories from us!

As an alternative to school-based performances, the troupe is seeking student-generated videos on social-emotional learning (SEL) topics relevant to teens’ lives. Students, parents, teachers, and counselors will be able to access the videos online at home and at school via MWAH!’s Web site and social media accounts.

COVID’s Effects on High Schoolers—Reflections from Normal West HS Students

Students in high schools across the country have come to terms with altered routines and limited social contact during much of the COVID-19 pandemic.

MWAH!’s Appearance on Paula Sands Live (2017)

The clip provides an outstanding overview of MWAH!’s focus—students reaching out to students to make a connection, and ultimately change lives and save lives through the performing arts.

Choices – Suicide Awareness Video

The video features a scene in which a despondent man (played by Jemell Moore) prepares to take his own life by jumping off a bridge, only to be saved by a person passing by who once was in the same position as the depressed man contemplating suicide.

MWAH!—Changing Lives and Saving Lives

In this 10-minute video, developed by troupe alumni Rob Delgado and Alex Oechsel, MWAH! highlights its transition into the digital age in order to spread its message of Changing Lives and Saving Lives.

The Bully

This poignant video, which features the voices of middle school students, shows viewers the emotions that victims of bullying experience, as well as the transformative difference that kindness can make.

Submit Digital Content to MWAH!

Please click the “PDF” link to view a document that describes the digital content that MWAH! seeks to feature on its Web site.

Measurable results are the name of the game

‘I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for the great show the MWAH! troupe put on for students at Prophetstown High School and Prophetstown Middle School. Our students were super impressed with the messages and I hope we can have you back again. Even our students who had seen the troupe a couple of years ago loved that you made some changes in your presentation. Every message was very impactful and well delivered. I hope our paths cross again!’

Josh JohnsonPrincipal of Prophetstown High School

‘The MWAH! presentation was perhaps the most inspirational assembly I’ve ever attended. During lunch, I noticed that the school cafeteria was quieter and calmer than usual. Even a few hours after the assembly I think students were continuing to process everything they heard during the performance. The troupe was able to touch on such serious topics as depression, suicide, substance-abuse issues, interpersonal conflict, and so many other areas in a short amount of time. I’m truly impressed with the dedication and high standards that everyone from the MWAH! troupe brought to the performance.’

Brian BartozDriver Education & American Government Teacher and Scholastic Bowl Coach

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What We Have Accomplished

More than 35 years of issues-oriented school presentations throughout Illinois and various other states for audiences totalling more than half a million students and staff.