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Teachers and parents have worked diligently to provide online resources for students during the past few months as learning has transitioned to a remote format in school districts across the country.   Whether delivered in an in-person format or an online format, finding worthwhile curricular resources is an essential step in providing each student with a high-quality education.  THE Journal, a publication focused on educational technology and student learning, has compiled a list of 28 resources for teachers to consider when developing lessons on social-emotional learning (SEL) concepts as well their own professional development.  In addition, some of THE Journal’s content is geared toward parents, such as the “George Dragon’s” guide for parents to behavior management in children.

Among the highlights:

Aperture Education’s “Educator Guide to Optimistic Thinking,” which helps teachers evaluate the extent to which they employing positive, optimistic thinking in their lives and careers. Read more here.

George Dragon’s “Good Puppy” workbook for managing behavior in children ages 3-9.  Although it might appear that the site charges a fee for the printable workbook, it is in fact free.  After clicking “Add to Cart,” clicking “Check Out,” and entering your name, e-mail address, and phone number, you’ll be able to download the PDF book without entering any payment information. Read more here.

“Humane Heroes and Their Stories” from American Humane and the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series, encourages the humane treatment of animals through stories with an SEL focus.  Find out more here.

Short, animated videos from SiLAS Solutions (directed to an elementary-age viewers) regarding COVID-19, mask wearing, social distancing, and related issues.  Check it out here.

To view the full collection of resources, please visit it here.