NBC Chicago Channel 5 News recently reported (on December 11, 2020) about the suicide on October 21, 2020 of 18-year-old Trevor Till, a freshman at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.

In an interview with reporter Regina Waldroup, Trevor’s mother, Lisa Moore, said the COVID-19 pandemic drastically changed her son’s life, and she wanted others to know about both the outstanding qualities of her son and how she feels the pandemic has proved deadly for him.

Trevor, a graduate of Seneca High School, a far southwest suburb of Chicago, located between Morris and Ottawa, was described as a social person, who was active in marching band and cross country – activities which have been severely curtailed because of the pandemic.

His mom told the reporter that being alone was not Trevor, and that social isolation took a toll on him.

According to Allison Johnsen, a psychotherapist at Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital in Wheaton, Illinois, “Teenagers are suffering.  They don’t really want more Zoom.”

The psychotherapist suggests that parents check in with their teens frequently and seek counseling for them if they show significant changes in behavior.

Please click here for the NBC Chicago Channel 5 News story and video.