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An experience that delivers inspirational messages of hope and love from young people to young people.


MWAH!, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, seeks to assist schools and their surrounding communities in a collaborative effort to empower young people with the knowledge, courage, and strength to deal with life’s personal challenges, thereby changing and saving lives. Topics covered in MWAH!’s thought-provoking, youth-led video performances include racism, prejudice, bullying, cyberbullying, substance abuse, depression, suicide, and other serious, highly-relevant topics for middle school and high school audiences.
MWAH! was founded in 1983 by Ray Moffitt, who holds a graduate degree in social work.
Although MWAH! has a proud history of on-site performances, MWAH! does not operate under a traveling troupe model at the present time. MWAH!’s current outreach approach is based on reaching young people through engaging, inspiring videos, testimonials, and songs rather than through in-person performances.
MWAH! focuses primarily on serving the social-emotional learning (SEL) needs of junior-high/middle-school students and high school students in both Illinois and across the United States.

The list below includes some of the topics that MWAH!’s Board members, school administrators, and teachers in northwest Illinois have identified as especially relevant to youth today:

  • Grit
  • Persistence
  • Benefits of a positive attitude/how to maintain a positive attitude
  • Overcoming one’s fears
  • Dealing with loss
  • Empathy
  • The thrill of victory
  • Finding purpose in defeat
  • Finding balance in life
  • Searching for meaning in life
  • Lessons you’ve learned in life
  • Regret
  • Advice for younger high school and middle school students
  • Standing up to peer pressure
  • Standing up for someone who was bullied
  • Combating racism and prejudice
  • Hopes and dreams for the future
  • Efforts in successfully handling pressures related to alcohol and other drug use and abuse
  • Mental-health-related issues, including depression
  • Coping with situations involving parental divorce or separation
  • Stress related to household economic issues, such as job loss by parents
  • Other topics that students would like to address

Other topics that students would like to address

A video length of around 1:30 – 3 min would be ideal, but longer and shorter videos would be welcomed, as well.

Please send your submission to  A signed video release is required before videos, songs, or other electronic submissions are considered for potential posting on MWAH!’s Web site.

Individuals who are under age 18 must submit the “MWAH Performing Arts Troupe Media Consent Form (for Minors),” which features spaces for a parent/guardian’s name, signature, and date signed as well as the minor’s name, signature, and date signed.  Those who are over age 18 must submit the “MWAH! Performing Arts Troupe Media Consent Form.” The form can be scanned and submitted as an attachment to

If MWAH! feels that your submission would be a good fit for the site, a member of MWAH!’s Digital Media Review Team will be in touch, typically within three business days.

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More than 35 years of issues-oriented school presentations throughout Illinois and various other states for audiences totalling more than half a million students and staff.