MWAH!’s Wichita base director makes a positive difference through art

Steve Brewster brought a smile to a young boy’s face when he created a detailed, airbrushed tribute to a beloved canine friend, Bullet. Small acts of kindness can go a long way toward making the world a be#er place!

Steve Brewster, Director of our troupe’s Wichita base, was doing air-brushed drawings one Saturday in October at a flea market in Wichita when a father and his son, an eight-year-old named Tristan, stopped to watch Steve creating a variety of designs.
Both the father and his son looked unhappy, but they nonetheless struck up a conversation with Steve and expressed an interest in his drawings. The boy then showed Steve a crumpled picture of his dog, Bullet, who had recently died.
Steve asked the boy if he’d like to have an air-brushed drawing of Bullet. The boy’s eyes lit up and he right away asked, “You can do that?”
It took Steve 25 minutes to complete the drawing, which he gave to the boy. The boy was ecstatic!+ A complete change from when he first encountered Steve.
As for the father, he was extremely grateful that he had brought his son to the flea market and thanked Steve for both his kindness and his talent.
Steve had done something to change the mood of both that father and his son, an experience which both will never forget.
An act of kindness from a chance encounter at the flea market.
A young life as well as his father’s had been changed on Saturday in Wichita.
Steve was upholding the MWAH! troupe’s mission and doing it really well.
– Contributed by Ray Moffitt, Board Chair, MWAH! Performing Arts Troupe