January 11, 2021

Making Sense of Tragedy—A Reminder from MWAH! About Mental Health

Dylan BucknerPhoto credit:, Courtesy of Raymond Joyce Photography Students, teachers, and community members are in the process of coping with the Thursday, January 7 death by suicide of Dylan Buckner, football team captain and quarterback at Glenbrook North High School.  The high school is located in Northbrook, Illinois, a northern suburb of Chicago.  As is often the case in the aftermath of…
January 5, 2021

Reaching Out, Seeking Help Essential When Encountering Tough Times

Jennifer Higgins and her late son, Joshua Wilson Feeling down or having a bad day at school, at home, or at work can make anyone’s day a little less pleasant.  Whether it results from performing poorly on a test, missing the game-winning shot, arguing with a sibling, quarreling with a friend, or getting a customer’s order wrong at work, moments…